Suzanne McCourt

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Suzanne’s first acknowledgement as an artist came at the age of 6. She won a “big-girl-bike” for drawing her cat drinking milk, and winning 2nd place in an All-State drawing contest, sponsored by Mayflower Milk & Oregon Dairy Farmer’s Association. (She actually couldn’t ride the bike for another 3 years, as it was too big!)

Suzanne’s paints in various mediums: Acrylic, mixed media, collage, charcoal on canvas, watercolors. Suzanne captures spirit and expression through her impressionistic brushwork and gestural quality of her works. Themes include jazz musicians, surfers, figures, and local scenes. She is passionate about her current “Guitar Man” series, which has been well received by private collectors and corporations. In July-Sept 2003 her works will hang at Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, Main Labs.

Suzanne has been chosen many times to participate in Open Studios Tours, sponsored by the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz Co. She has been an active Cabrillo College participant in Fine Arts and Music for many years. Suzanne’s work has been shown and purchased through stores in the San Francisco Design Center, as well as galleries. Her works have been published on art publications, including C2F, Inc., and international and domestic art and drafting supplier and manufacturer.

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