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"The Art of Lassen"

Text by Drew Kampion
Editing by Bob Hayes, Micheal Besson
Executive Publisher: Jona- Marie Price

List Price: $39.95

The Art of Lassen" is a comprehensive study of the important works of one of the great artists of our time- an artist who has dedicated himself to the realization of a magical vision of life on earth. This 182 paged book is filled with full color plates and is packed with information about Lassen and his life.

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"The Art of Christian Riese Lassen"

Published by Cedco Publishing
Images by Christian Riese Lassen

List Price: $21.95

Cedco Publishing is proud to present the first book to feature the works of the world's most renowned marine artist: Christian Riese Lassen. From densely packed undersea reefs teaming with colorful marine life to lush green  Hawaiian landscapes, you will marvel at these striking personal vision of our beautiful planet. This book has 117 pages filled with Lassen's colorful art as well as an introduction describing Christian Riese Lassen career as an artist.

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